Flourishing Garden

Within the grounds of Plumeria Flowery, we have a gorgeously luscious and flourishing green yard full of long grass and vibrant plants.

This is the perfect area for those times during a holiday when you need some relaxation and recuperation.

Sit back and enjoy the attack on your senses of the beautiful scents, sights, and sounds!

Healing Corner

Our healing corner is where you can take advantages of alternative therapies, like massage and kinesiotherapy.

Something on your mind or just feeling overwhelmed by things in your life right now?

This is the part of Plumeria Flowery for you.

Guided Tours

Although Ikaria is great to experience and explore by yourself, having a guide who has expert knowledge of the local area is even better.

We can provide a local guide for small groups of guests who want to find out more about the island, where to go, where to avoid, what areas are famous for what and some historical facts and figures along the way


When you are on holiday it is nice, even if it is just once, to do something a little out of the ordinary.

With our Vatania service, we give you and your significant other or other travel partners the chance to enjoy a tasty meal prepared and cooked by a local chef in front of you.

It is not only a learning experience but adds a touch of drama to the whole occasion.

Rent a bike

Another interesting way to explore Ikaria is by bike. It has always felt like the island was designed to be best experienced riding along the many pathways.

At Plumeria Flowery, we offer our guests the opportunity to rent a bike for durations.

Our bikes are well maintained, in excellent working condition and completely safe.

Gift shop with handmade jewlery

At Plumeria Flowery, we have a small gift shop with various unique and pretty pieces.

Everything in the shop is handmade and the exquisite jewelry has proven particularly popular with past guests.

It’s a great place to find a memento of your time in Ikaria or to bring a friend or relative something special home.

Yoga, Meditation and Greek Dances

If you want to really unwind and enjoy some relaxing breathing exercises and stretching or want to immerse yourself in Greek culture, we run regular trips to Therma.

There, in small groups or as individuals, you can enjoy traditional yoga and meditation or take part in traditional Greek dance sessions.


We believe Ikaria is such a popular holiday destination because you can basically have the holiday you want here. Whether you are interested in just relaxing and chilling out or want to be active and participate in everything, you can have both experiences on the island.

There are a lot of great water sports and other activities you can participate in at Therma beach. We have some kayaks that you can rent from us for a reasonable price.

Greek language courses

Perhaps you want to immerse yourself even more fully in Greek culture by learning the language.

We regularly offer small group courses to guests who are interested in learning at least a little Greek.

The great thing is, if you already have some knowledge of speaking and understanding the language, we can help tailor the lessons to suit your existing skills.

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