Baths in thermal waters

The spas are located just 30 m away from the Plumeria. The sources contain radon and are suitable for curing rheumatism, arthritis and spinal cord pains, joint pains, sciatica and muscle aches, chronic deficiencies and neutering, etc.

Tours around the island

        • Numerous traditional villages and settlements either by car or on foot through trails.
        • Ikaria Places of historical and archaeological interest, ancient cities, like Thermae (modern Thearma), Drakanon (nowadays Lantern), Oinoi or Dolichi in the Kambos village, and Tauropolion in the Nas Bay. There are also castles like Koskina, Kapsalino and Drakano.
        • Museums
        • of Agios Kirikos,the museum is housed in the neoclassical building of the Old Gymnasium of Agios Kirikos, one of the most beautiful buildings throughout the island, after the concession from the Municipality to the Ministry of Culture.
        • the Archaeological Museum of Kambos, located in the archaeological site of Kampos (ancient Oinoi), the exhibition covers findings from the areas of Kambos and Nas (the temple of Tauropolos Artemis), Arethusa, Christos Rachon, Proespera, Frandato and others.
        • Religious Monuments
        • Agios Onoufrios, monastery in Mavrato
        • Church of Annunciation,in the Lefkada monastery, which is a three-winged cross-shaped, architectural style of Mount Athos, which affected also the two churches in the area.
        • Church of Archangel Michael (Taksiarchis) in Miliopo,its origin dates back to the 4th/5th century. This is an early Christian basilica, a unique example of this architectural type built in the area.
        • Monastery of Mounde, the temple of the 15th century, has three gates from which the middle outer gate of the church contains an inscription that says “Monastery Mounte the Annunciation. First erected in the year 1460 and renovated in the year 1893 “. The church is dedicated to the Annunciation, is a three-aisled basilica with a wooden altar and newer icons (1906 – 1920), works of icon painter Zosimas from Chios.
        • Monastery of Theoktisti (“Built by God”), the church belongs to the type of single-nave, arch vaulted basilica and is richly frescoed. The pictorial decoration includes figures of saints and monks, scenes from the life of Christ, the founders and sponsors etc. Stylistically, the paintings reflect the tradition of Cretan painting and are attributed to at least two painters.

    Quiet holiday and bathing in secluded beaches

    Within a walking distance from the rooms there are beaches where visitors can enjoy the clear waters of the island.


    In Therma itself you will find cafes, restaurants and famous pastry shops with mouthwatering traditional Greek galaktoboureko and other sweets. In the nearby Agios Kirikos there are bars with different music styles which are open until early morning hours.

    Walks and hikes

    Most trails are signposted and a detailed trails map is available.

    Festivals and musical events

    Local festivals, for which the island of Ikaria is famous are organized throughout the whole year and are truly unique events that the visitor should certainly experience.

    Excursions to the neighboring islands

    From Ikaria you can easily travel to the islands of Samos and Fourni.

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